30 June 2013

The Bubble of My Heart

Assalamualaikum or hello to whoever is reading this 

this time I'm keen to talk about my beloved family. my sweetheart forever ever ever so , jom ! 

Papa - Abdullah @ Dols.
Papa yang paling handsome dlm dunia, Thanks for the love and care dad.ILY :)

 Mama - Hajiah @ Nayang.
Mama paling cantik dalam dunia, I just want you to know tht i really love love love you. so very very much ! 

Mohd yusrie - Handsome boy
Adik yg sgt kedekut tapi sweet pula! Sometimes menyakitkan hati, banyak kerenah dan songeh . Anyway,ily !

p/s : sayang papa, sayang mama, sayang adik yutt ! LYSM -,-'

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